The published volumes by which the Copyright Office made available copyright registration and renewal information, went through a succession of different names.  This page indicates what were the titles.

Generally, the first word of the titles were Catalogue and Catalog, with this dividing line as to spelling:
Catalogue of Copyright Entries until 1946
Catalog of Copyright Entries from 1947

These are the full titles matched to when the particular titles were in use:

Catalogue of Copyright Entries July 1, 1891 to end of 1904
Catalogue of Title Entries Under the Copyright Law 1905 (only)
Catalogue of Copyright Entries, New Series 1906-1945
Catalogue of Copyright Entries, New Series 1946*
Catalog of Copyright Entries, 3d Series 1947-1977
Catalog of Copyright Entries, 4th Series 1978 (only)

* although the 1946 volumes carry the same "Series" name as did those of the previous forty years, other numbering suggests that it was intended that the 1946 volumes be the beginning of the third series.